Well hello there! Greetings from California. Have a look around, leave a note if you’d like, and thanks for stopping by.

Scarpetta Dolcetto? That’s kind of a fussy name for a food blog.

Yes, I know, but I like the sound of it. Say it out loud. Doesn’t that sound nice? In Italian, scarpetta is that “little slipper” of bread you use at the end of the meal to sop up the sauce on your plate. It’s an expression of a lusty good meal, that piece of bread, of savoring every last slurp and nibble. Dolcetto (“little sweet one”) is a lovely little endearment, and a nod to my unrepenting sweet tooth (and pastry background). Put them together, Scarpetta Dolcetto, and you’ve got a nonsensical expression for sweet and savory.

Are you Italian? Is this blog about Italian food or what?

No. I married a really lovely man who happens to be Italian-American, though. (You’d like him. Everybody does.) I have made pasta from scratch, twice. And when I launched this little project, I was leaving for a trip to Italy within the week, so it was sort of on my brain. There you go. I love all sorts of food, Italian included, and at home I prefer unfussy, flavorful, seasonal scratch cooking.

Well, okay, so what’s this blog about, anyhow?

I like to cook. I like to entertain. I like taking snapshots. I like making lists and writing things down. I like to read. I like to eat. I’d like to collect it all here. I plan to write about my favorite recipes, new dishes I’m trying, dinner parties, things I find interesting, my travels, cakes I want to bake. That sort of thing. I hope you like it.