There are two kinds of grey, wintry, rainy days: the ones you embrace (cozy socks, roaring fire, Downton Abbey marathon, big bowl of soup) and the ones you don’t. This recipe is for those days, when you’d rather put on some Palm Springs paisley or a noisy tropical print and swoon around your house with a summery cocktail in hand. (When I’m an old woman, I won’t wear purple; I’m going to dress like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company. Caftans!) Citrus comes into season in the wintertime, which has never quite made sense to me except to remind us that milder days are just ahead. And if it can’t be sunny and sweet-tempered outside, it can be in your glass, no?

After a recent show at Oakland’s gorgeous Fox Theater, we wandered into a funky little bar called the Cafe Van Kleef and noticed that everyone in the place had a pink highball in hand, and the bar was littered with thick wedges of grapefruit. When in Rome, as always, and dang if those squeezed-to-order Greyhounds weren’t the most refreshing, balanced cocktail I’ve had in ages. This classic concoction isn’t new (it’s been around since the 30s at least), but with freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, on a grey day in the middle of winter, it tastes like it.

makes one highball

  • 4 oz grapefruit juice, preferably ruby red, freshly squeezed
  • 2 oz vodka, chilled
  • ice

Squeeze and strain the grapefruit, reserving one wedge for garnish. In a highball glass, stir the vodka and grapefruit juice together. Add ice and garnish with the grapefruit wedge.

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52 Responses to Greyhounds

  1. Pink grapefruit and vodka sounds amazing! Brilliant combination.

  2. Might just make this one tonight. Thanks 🙂

  3. Mrs. Roper rocks. And so, I’m guessing, does this recipe. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Carlie Chew says:

    Mmmmm sounds delicious!

  5. Yum! And I love downtown Oakland and the Fox theater. Such a fun place 🙂

  6. fnfkathy says:

    I love Citrus in the winter even though we haven’t had much of one this year…I just posted a recipe for making orange soda (no machine necessary) with blood oranges. Maybe I’ll ad some vodka! Congratulations on making Freshly Pressed!

  7. I do love a Greyhound (though I must discover why it is so named) but I want it made with Tito’s Vodka. Smooth, so smooth

  8. I’m swamped with standard oranges at the moment, and peeling and eating seems very una-peel-ing, I assume this would work for such a fruit, or do the blood red being sweeter make all the difference?

  9. bit like a sea breeze – maybe a ‘siberian breeze’?

  10. This is hilarious/awesome, because I saw the Fresh Pressed article on Greyhounds and I thought “Hey that is my favorite drink, i’ll check it out” and it turns out you discovered them at the exact same place I did- Cafe Van Kleef. Weird little bar, righteously-delicious greyhounds.

  11. Megan says:

    Thinking about having one this weekend – I love grapefruit!

  12. mattrecepies says:

    Veeeery good picture. It looks so good .. I am forced to try it! Thanks!

  13. trezvennost says:

    i don’t care if it has alcohol in it (i usually would), this looks amazing. love the colors!

  14. Hey, thanks for the notes, folks! @cutestcakes: you can certainly use fresh orange juice, which would turn it into a Screwdriver. Add salt to the rim of your Greyhound glass and it’s now a Salty Dog. Add some cranberry for a Sea Breeze, or swap it out entirely for a Cape Codder. (All of which sound like things you’d find on an 19th-century schooner.)

  15. ninja says:

    nice article ,lovely pic

  16. katherine says:

    Such a classic drink!

  17. CrystalSpins says:

    Interesting…in South Dakota a Greyhound is GIN and grapefruit juice.

  18. TJ Johnston says:

    Thanks to Freshly Pressed, I came by your post. The Greyhound could also be a suitable cold remedy: Alcohol plus vitamin C. 🙂

  19. That photo is so bright and true to color. Thank you for sharing. Connie

  20. Nice combination. Cheers!!!!!

  21. Candice says:

    Fabulous! Now I desperately want one!

  22. I adore the colors in your picture.

  23. Hilary says:

    Oh I LOVE greyhounds! I’m a San Fran blogger, but I could definitely be persuaded to head over to Oakland for one of these 🙂


  24. Animockery says:

    Greyhounds are tasty beverages, very refreshing. I rarely drink liqeur any more but fresh drinks like this are one of my favorites. I also like Irish Whisky on ocassion before I started drinking it straight on the rocks I mixed.
    Don’t know if a name exists for it but here is the combination I found is best.
    Rocks glass
    1 part Irish Whisky
    2 parts Ginger ale

    Example 4 oz glass with ice
    1 oz Irish Whisky
    2 oz Ginger ale

  25. JennyExiled says:

    Yummy! Greyhounds were my drink of choice in college. Alas, I am old now (and taking Lipitor) and grapefruit is now on the no-no list. *sigh*

  26. Seasweetie says:

    I’ve loved these for years, but didn’t know what they were called. And the St. Germain addition is a must-try. I have to say that at first I thought you said you were going to dress like MR Roper, and I was picturing Norman Fell in a caftan until I self-corrected. That darn brain…

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  27. midnitechef says:

    Now that’s a nifty drink!

  28. I think I’m going to have a Downton Abbey marathon AND a Greyhound.

  29. Dee says:

    I just realized that I haven’t bought grapefruits in FAR too long. Too bad I just did all my grocery shopping for the next week and a half or else I’d be on top of that sooner…thanks for the reminder during this wintry season.

  30. wow thanks I need to try this drink!

  31. joiedegrace says:

    yum! gotta save this for a classy day 😉 haha

  32. bobmortland says:

    Cheers! Best if shaken with ice.

  33. kierrajanay says:

    Reblogged this on smileevenwhenlifehurts and commented:
    I’m Going to Try this!! Looks Good!

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  35. Fedelma says:

    I’ll try this drink tonight, even if I’m not in Rome now, and I’ll think of you.
    Hugs from Italy.

  36. fireygoddess says:

    Reblogged this on Make Something Every Day and commented:
    Citrus drink on a grey day. Great blog post!

  37. Aw! I forogt about Grey Hounds! They are great! One of my besties introduced me to these before she moved away! I’ll have to have one soon! Too bad I only have Whipped and Marshmallo flavored vodka right now!!

  38. gaycarboys says:

    Scrumptious. I also like Voddie and cranberry juice.

  39. Greyhounds are great for the summer! Simple, easy, and healthy. If you’re looking for something slightly sweeter, you can try a variation by adding a dash of cranberry juice.


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